• Beauty

    Qyk Sonic: Zoe facial cleansing device

    I am absolutely obsessed with this little device from Qyk Sonic it is truly awesome! I was kindly gifted this a few weeks ago and i wanted to try it out everyday for two weeks before letting you know my thoughts. I have really found true love with this product. It’s so easy to use and it has a few settings. The product isn’t so compact so it’s not an issue to carry around in your travel bag. It holds its charge for a super long time, it comes in many different colours. It also is very light weight, you add your cleansing product to your Face and wet your device and…

  • Home decor

    The Perfect Blinds! #AD #GIFTED

    I have always loved home decor, always had a huge interest in it and dreamed of making my home look cosy and stylish. I have recently moved into an apartment late last year and we have still got so many pieces for the home left to buy. Me and my partner are renting this apartment and they seem to have curtains everywhere, personally I love curtains but what if you want a bit of privacy for your home but want to still let the light in. Blinds! we have been planning on getting blinds for so long but have never known which ones to get. I have kindly been gifted…

  • Lifestyle

    Bunty Dog Harness #AD #GIFTED

    My puppy Narla well she is two years old now, but to me she is still my puppy. I have realised over the years that she is a very strong dog. She is a miniature dachshund which I thought wouldn’t be very strong on the lead however she has snapped two leads now just from pulling. Therefore I have been using harnesses as there stronger and secure. Bunty have kindly gifted me this gorgeous purple harness for her, I have had it for over two months now and I wanted to write my review on it after a few months to see how strong it is. I am super impressed, it…

  • Blogging

    The Perfect Gift Guide 2019 #AD

    It can be so hard finding the perfect gift for people, whether it be for your mum, dad, uncle and auntie. You know them but not well enough to know what they would really like to get for their special occasion. I find it very hard buying for my Grandad and Father. Their men, I usually just assume they need socks LOL. However there are so many ideas out there. There are Personalised Occasions Gifts which make it just that bit more special even if it is still a pair of socks. It makes it so much easier when you can look for the perfect gift for HER or HIM. You…

  • Beauty

    Beauty And The Bear Hair, Skin + Nails Vitamins #AD GIFTED

    I have actually received two bottles of these now and I have to say I am super impressed. They have recently been gifted to me and I can’t wait to share my experience with you guys. First of all they are to help grow your hair, nails and give you good skin. They are vegetarian, gelatine free, cruelty free, nut free, dairy free and gluten free. They promote natural collagen production and a smooth healthy complexion. They are formulated with clinically proven ingredients for effective results. They are also shaped into little bears which are pink. To top it off they actually taste amazing, I feel like the best way…


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