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    Why You Don’t Need Motivation

    I was actually going to film this for a YouTube video, but I have a lot to say on this subject. So I decided to make it into a blog post. I get asked this question a lot..”how do you stay so motivated to upload a video”. I don’t think it is motivation personally you guys, it’s now a habit for me. I believe strongly in what I love and what I want in my life. It took me quite a few years to realise what I wanted to do with my life. At first I thought I wanted to be an estate agent, I did that job for a…

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    How To Pitch To Brands As An Influencer/Blogger

    All the successful bloggers and youtubers know how to pitch themselves to brands to get collaborations. Well today I am going to teach you how I have landed PR and collaborations. First of all you got to believe in what you are doing. You are a business, if you are a blogger/ influencer that is your brand. Be proud in what you do and you will shine to brands.   Know your Follower demographics Knowing who your following base is will help you demonstrate your value, brands will want to know location, general gender split and top audience. The more your audience fits their target market the more valuable you…


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